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Monday, May 15, 2006

Beautiful days...

We had some cracking weather up here in the North of England last week. I took the opportunity to grab my camera and take it with me on the way into work. Unfortunately I had completely failed to capture the swathes of snowdrops in the graveyard that I had seen a month or so back, and this time I just missed the daffodils that had replaced them. I did get some nice shots of some of our neighbours, though.

Just near the old silk mill around the corner there is a pen that used to contain geese. These things always hissed at me without fail and then last year they disappeared, possibly in the run-up to Christmas...

Anyway, now they have been replaced, originally by four geese but now it seems they are back down to two. In addition there are a collection of five brown, horned sheep (I don't know the exact variety). So far neither they nor the new geese have hissed at me.

More pictures to come...

They just got the wrong Guy...

Now this is just funny:

The true identity of a man who was mistakenly interviewed on BBC News 24 has been revealed.

Guy Goma, a graduate from the Congo, appeared on the news channel in place of an IT expert after a mix-up.

But Mr Goma, who was wrongly identified in the press as a taxi driver, was really at the BBC for a job interview.

Mr Goma said his appearance was "very stressful" and wondered why the questions were not related to the data support cleanser job he applied for.

The mix-up occurred when a producer went to collect the expert from the wrong reception in BBC Television Centre in West London.

The producer asked for Guy Kewney, editor of, who was due to be interviewed about the Apple vs Apple court case.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Newer post than the last...

I'm staring at the old blog page and wondering 'what do I write about?'

There is plenty of material out there, be it serious or funny, but none of it inspires me.

I am bored with American politics. It was bound to happen, I have been back in the UK since September 2004 and with each passing month the relevance to my life is less and less. This is coupled to a growing feeling of despair and disgust when I see and hear the constant bashing of both left and right in the states, though I acknowledge that I am no paragon of virtue.

It is only going to get worse, I think. So from now on, I just don't care. I don't care what happened, what might happen, what didn't happen and what people think ought to have happened. I don't care. I am going to try not to get upset when I read bloggers who misrepresent and dissemble, of course this means that I should probably stop reading several of the blogs in my blogroll. :-)

On the flip side, I may get more interested in UK politics. There is certainly plenty here to get my teeth into and lets face it, it is of direct relevance to my daily life. Besides, spring is here and there are lots of nice things to photograph and blog about that aren't going to paint me as a religious anti-bushite or a warmongering chickenhawk. :-)