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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Gore Effect

Following my little rant in my last post I was reading Instapundit when I saw this:

Okay, actually just as (contrary to media treatments) a spell of hot weather doesn't prove global warming, cold weather doesn't disprove it. But I think that the real cause of this cold snap in the L.A./Hollywood area is that Al Gore has been shortlisted for an Oscar. Al just can't catch a break.

Glenn next shows how it has even made the urban dictionary:

Gore Effect

The well documented phenomenon that leads to very low, unseasonal temperatures, driving rain, hail, snow or all of the above whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global "warming". Hence the "Gore Effect."

You know it sickens me that these folk just can't stop pounding Al Gore. It's as if he is public enemy number 1 for them.

Look I'll make it simple for you fools, Al Gore has recognised that global warming is a serious, disastrous problem for the world and he is trying to do his bit to combat the threat. Instead of whining about it or pretending it isn't happening he is actively travelling around and using his supernatural abilities to lower the local temperatures enough to mitigate the effects of global warming. The guy is fighting against the odds though; an unwinable battle, combating a global phenomenon with his astonishing, though comparatively meagre, local weather-effecting powers.

Al Gore should be commended for his actions, but instead he is mocked by the usual suspects. If only more of us were to work on manifesting these powerful cooling abilities and get behind Al Gore then maybe we would have a chance of saving our way of life.



Anonymous said...

I never before wanted to be like Al Gore, until now.

ilyka said...

You know, I finally watched An Inconvenient Truth. Me, little miss "I hate Al Gore, he's so boring, I'm going to vote for a total imbecile instead."

And I decided I actually LOVE Al when he's allowed to let his nerd flag fly. You get him on the stage with his Powerpoints and let him get all science-y, and he's an impressive speaker.

But that 1/4 of the movie where he's trying to show his human side is just bad. So here's what I figure would happen in an ideal world:

1. The U.S. runs Al for president.
2. But, they don't let anyone advise him. Make the political advisors step off. The political advisors think Al needs humanizing. He doesn't! He needs to be his own self. Which brings me to--
3. Let him be a geek. We got plenty of geeks in this country, and unlike frat boys, geeks actually remember where to go and when to get there in order to vote. Geeks will represent. Just run Al as "Al Gore: He Never Would Have Pantsed You After Gym Class."

Glenn, despite his bullshit I'm-an-independent stance, probably wouldn't watch An Inconvenient Truth if you paid him. To a guy like that, it's enemy propaganda.

But he should watch it. And then he should be forced to explain what's going on with Mt. Kilmanjaro and the Arctic other than climate change. "We had a freak summer" won't cut it, Glenn.