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Monday, January 15, 2007

New Ferrari

So Ferrari have unveiled their new car for the 2007 season (bring it on!). Now you may know that I am not Ferrari's biggest fan and nevre have been so I might be biased but from the shots I have seen the new car is ugly! To be fair it may just be the way the photos have been taken as they have all tried to be artistic and so don't really show the car clearly in my view.

Of course being ugly doesn't mean that it won't be fast...

In other F1 related news it seems that Adrian Newey would prefer that the expectations be lower for the new RB3. Development of last year's car was put on hold inorder to maximise time devoted to this, the first Newey car for Red Bull Racing.
“Perhaps the brake pedal or something is the only common part.
Newey is put up as a car-designing genius and there is a lot to back up that assertion. However I cannot blame him for wanting to keep expectations low:

"We are still a young team and that means that some of our infrastructure and resources aren't yet as good as some of the more established teams. How much that will hold us back? That sounds like an excuse – it's not meant to be, it's a fact."

Add to that fact that recent Newey cars have not performed as well as one might expect from the hype and the RB3 is in danger of being a craching disappointment even if it does a vastly superior job to last years design.

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