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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Via China and back?

So I was doing my usual daily flick through my blogroll to see what was new and once again I clicked on Fuddland to check out how David is doing in China. Today I waited 45 seconds for the page to appear - it is usually closer to 30 seconds. It is quite incredible that of all the blogs on my blogroll, two are ostensibly UK based and one of those takes from 30-45 seconds longer to appear than any of the US blogs I read. Why is that?

Hey David, are you hosting your blog in China as well as living there?


David said...

Actually I'm entirely sure where it's hosted -- I think the servers are located somewhere in Europe, possibly Eastern Europe. But if it was the front page that took ages, then it could also have been the Flickr badge slowing things up.

Sorry about the delay ... if only the content had been worth the wait! ;)

David said...

Hmm, of course I meant to say, "...I'm not entirely sure...". :|

Kav said...

it's always worth the wait...