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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's been a busy couple of months for travelling, first off we went on a cruise of the Norweigen Fjords with Kav's Dad (Vik, Bergen, Eidfjord and a couple of other places). We all had a really good time (even though I felt pretty seasick on the way home across the North Sea!). None of us had been cruising before so the whole experience was a bit different and the one thing I can certainly say is you'll never go hungry!! They feed you umpteen times a day! This is a photo of the boat we were on, the Princess Danae.

There was an amazing contrast in the landscape of the fjords at this time of year (early May). Right next to the fjord the land is lush and green and fruit trees are just starting to bloom. They grow things you might not associate with Norway like strawberries and raspberries, but the land around the fjords is very fertile and the summers are warm. Then just a few miles away (and up a couple of thousand feet or so) there is still thick snow.

Bergen is a beautiful city and we saw it in it's most common state - in the rain - this doesn't make it any less beautiful! However, I think our favourite place was Eidfjord where the scenery is stunning and they have a very nice visitor centre (lots of fishtanks with trout in). They show a panoramic movie of lots of different parts of Norway which is well worth the trip.
I'm also happy to report that despite the 3 of us being in one cabin for the duration there were no casualties!!

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