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Friday, August 24, 2007

worst. golf. game. ever!

First of all, I enjoyed it very much. It was a beautiful evening and we get terrific views of our little corner of Lancashire from the course. I enjoyed the company and being out in the fresh air.


Look in a game of 9 holes (well 10 but the last one did not count) I won only one hole, and that was only by dint of sheer luck, mostly bad luck on my friends' part. I hit a 110. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

That's right I was that bad. I kept topping the ball and when I did manage to lift the ball a few feet into the air it would head straight into the rough. I was pitching onto the green on the 8th hole and managed to catch the ball such that it moved 6 inches to the right into a patch of rough.
I need to work on my swing, my long game and my short game. That about says it all. On the plus side I actually hit 4 (out of 110) that I can honestly say I was pleased with (at least at first). The first two were on the second hole. After a rocky start I managed a decent shot with my 5 iron down the fairway, over a stream and laying up nicely for the green. The next shot with my 9 iron tipped just short of the green but still in a good position. It's nice when you can string a couple of decent shots together on a hole. After that and a little later on, I had my career best shot with a 9 iron. Sadly, as my friend Jim said it was a fantastic shot when I was hoping for mediocre. I overshot the green and ran down a small hill at the back. Thankfully I was still on fairway but with a large patch of rough (uphill) between me and the green I soon put pay to that good fortune. Plus I lost the damn ball! In a patch of rough about 3 metres square!

My last good shot of the day was a drive from the 10th (which did not count). It sat nicely on the fairway only a short chip from the green. Said chip could have been better but was not as bad as previous efforts. Of course that hole did not count.

Now, even with all that bad luck (lack of skill?) I can't wait to play again (in fact today is another fine day...). All because of 4 shots which show that I can play better than I did. That's the thing about golf it is the feeling of wanting to play better than before. I console myself in the knowledge that at this stage I am playing with people and not against them, I am only playing against myself.

Oh and by the way, if you were being kind and thinking 110 was not too bad (in which case you are very wrong) if we had been counting attempts to hit the ball instead of just those times when the ball was hit, well, let's just forget about it.

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