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Monday, January 07, 2008

More space for space

Well isn't this just fine and dandy:

A proposal for the UK to join the International Space Station (ISS) project has been put forward by a group of scientists and engineers.

In general I am in favour of manned space-flight; the romantic in me demands it. However, I have misgivings over where the money would come from. Diverting money from science research is the obvious route and the dangerous precedent is now set (see the amount of space technology -let's not pretend it is space science- in the STFC delivery plan). Alternatively would it not be better to see if industrial partners could provide the capitol involved in such an undertaking? That is the New Labour way is it not?

"This is a contribution to the debate on how the UK can get involved in human spaceflight," said Mark Hempsell, of Bristol University's aerospace engineering department.
It would allow UK scientists to use the space station for experiments, pave the way for British astronauts, and bring significant development and investment to the country's industry," he said.

Well, I could be in favour after all, and I have the perfect candidate for the very first mission.

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