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Thursday, January 03, 2008


The past month has seen a significant upswing in visitor traffic to this illustrious blog (see figure). It has been some time since I last saw the numbers reach quite as high and that was when I was posting prolifically.

I wish that I could say that it is my erudite writing that has ensnared this new audience, unfortunately it is due to the inadequacies of the STFC.

Most of my hits have come from people interested in learning about the STFC cuts via Google. Shove some combination of 'STFC' with 'funding', 'crisis' or 'cuts' into Google and you come up with a link to one of my posts on said topic. Hopefully I have been useful to the people who come looking.

One new viewer pops up from a machine with a 'PPARC' IP address in Swindon. Hello whoever that is, I hope you are taking notes.

1 comment:

Ryan Somma said...

I'd attribute it to my Hat Tips, but your traffic appears to be as dismally bad as mine. : )

Your coverage of this issue has been great BTW.