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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where are they coming from????

[UPDATE Aha! I think it is people searching for john locker spaceweather, as that post is number two in the list. Mr Locker is the chap who took the pictures. But why?]

Okay, I have mentioned before that I get hits from strange Google search terms but today I have a bigger conundrum.

I am getting lots of Google hits that go to this post about watching the ISS. The interesting thing is that they are from a Google image search and the image they seem to be after is actually on (and is here), which I link to in my post. I don't even have the image displayed (I was ill-educated in the ways of the web in those days).

The page that the hits are coming from is the selected result page that looks like this.

My problem is that I am desperate to know what search terms so many folk (including someone in the US House of Representatives) are using that bring them to my door? If anyone has a suggestion of how I can find out, please drop a comment; if you are someone who has come here via that google route, please drop a comment.

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