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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Early Day Motion

Peter Soulsby MP has tabled an early day motion (EDM 919):

That this House notes with concern the recent Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) grant reductions to physics and astronomy research in UK universities and cuts to important programmes such as the Gemini Telescopes and the SPEAR radar; is further concerned at the impact this will have on the UK's international reputation in advanced physics; and calls for a change in the structure and leadership of the STFC.

The aim of these early day motions are to call for debate in the House of Commons and thereby draw attention to specific issues. It is also a way of gauging parliamentary support. I encourage all UK readers to write to their MP and encourage them to sign up. It may not lead to a change in STFC leadership (that some in the community seem to fear) but at the very least it will keep the issue front and centre and show that we cannot be steamrollered over quietly. Remember, STFC leadership don't think it is their position to fight our case so we have to do it!

With the dismal response from the government to the petition that we have seen so far and the stock sound-bites about percentage increases it is good to keep hammering at government until they get the message that we are not going away.

Find out how to contact your MP via:

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