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Friday, February 08, 2008

Is that it???

I'm a little late to this party as Chris Lintott and the e-astronomer have both commented on the email that has been sent to all signers of the petition. Here it is:

You recently signed a petition relating to the Science and Technology
Facilities Council (STFC):

You may wish to know that the STFC issued a statement on its funding
plans today - you can read the statement on the STFC website by going


Downing Street petitions

Now if that is the only response to the petition we can expect then I am thoroughly disgusted and my faint warm glow in politics is thoroughly doused. I agree with Chris on the merit of the recent press releases from STFC:

The upshot of these not very clear documents is that nothing has changed; UK astronomy is still facing large cuts. It would have been nice if the government has responded to that fact instead of saying the same thing over again.

The thing is that I cannot for one moment think that those releases were for us folk who have been following this crisis from the start. No they are solely for the good folk who signed the petition who might now wonder whether this solves the problem. I am not just being an arse here, one of my family members who signed emailed me to ask whether this news meant things were better, worse or just the same, and she is no idiot.

STFC are spinning like tops and the government are telling us to look at the pretty flashing colours. Pathetic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, they're going ahead with the sackings at Daresbury.
305 at risk letters received last wednesday.
So for us, no change.