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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The cooling globe

For some time now I have had occasion to argue, on line, with those who do not think that man has anything (or much) to do with global warming. Sometimes I have had to argue that a warming is occurring because some have heard that it is not. I even went to the extreme of doing a lot of reading of scientific journals on the subject so that I was at least a little informed.

As it turns out this was a complete waste of time.

I have now been convinced that global warming is a load of rubbish. There has been an awful lot of commentary recently about the cooling trend since 1998. Some have tried to counter this by pointing out that proponents of this recent cooling trend clearly don't understand the concept of weather versus climate, or that this is a La Nina year, or that a climatic trend takes more than 10 years to determine.

At first these arguments seemed reasonable to me but then I read this post at Ideonexus.

Ryan has opened my eyes with a simple but inarguable demonstration that the world is cooling. Global warming is clearly a myth:

Where’s your warming now Al Gore? Huh? As we can see from this graph, most of this century has been on a cooling trend...
...How can anyone look at this concrete visual data and not see Global Warming’s a crock?

Go over to Ideonexus and see for yourselves, forget all that peer-reviewed science and the IPCC report, it is clearly bunkum.

Well done Ryan, the world owes you a debt of gratitude.

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