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Monday, March 03, 2008

RAS response to STFC repsonse to RAS

Just noticed that the RAS president has made some comments about the STFC response to the RAS statement:

Noting the STFC reply,RAS President Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson welcomed the recognition that communication with the community needed to be significantly improved. He said, ‘We need to see a culture change and look forward to learning, in detail, how STFC intends to engage with the community. I am pleased that STFC explicitly recognizes that an important part of its mission is to carry out world-class research in astronomy , particle and nuclear physics’. He added ‘With a clear science strategy and transparent and expert peer review systems I hope the community will be able to recover its confidence in STFC
With respect Mr. President, sir, I think it will take a bit more than that. It is not just confidence in the system, it is trust in the people and I am not sure you can ever get that back.

I hope that the RAS will formulate a fuller response to the pathetically weak response from STFC.

Funny thing, when I read it this morning I do not recall a section that specifically said anything about 'world-class research in astronomy , particle and nuclear physics'.
At the time I was compiling notes on the document and how it answered the charges laid out in the RAS statement and I specifically noted that the STFC statement made no mention of the specifics that RAS had (i.e. astro, pp and np).

Did I really just miss it completely? Or has someone recognized an embarrassing oversight and worked to correct it? If the latter then it says volumes about STFC that it seemed to be an afterthought.

I may be going mad, but that statement really does seem to read differently to the one I read this morning. I am almost positive that bits have swapped around. It's as if someone redrafted it after it went live. Says the same thing, just in a different order.

Google have it logged as being up from 2 hours ago but I guess that depends on how often they index the STFC website.

I really wish I had made a copy of the statement this morning, then I wouldn't sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Someone else must have read it this morning (around 10 UT), am I going mad?

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