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Monday, April 28, 2008

A grand day out

So last week we went wandering across a frozen lake; on Sunday past we went blasting across one on snowmobiles!

We headed through some light wood, across a frozen lake and then through some thicker forest before stopping for lunch at the top of a high hill.

The view was quite special. That big white expanse was the lake that we were crossing in the previous picture.

One minor drawback of staying out here is that you rarely get to see the horizon because of all of the trees; for someone who grew up by the sea and lives near there now. this can be an issue.

The view from the top of the hill solved that bit of yearning for a bit!

Anyway here is where we stopped for lunch; a shelter and fire-pit for public use with a well kept woodstore and even an out-house!

Do such things exist in the UK? Do they remain vandalism free? I guess that if they are remote enough they would.

The fun did not stop there, we also had sauna and cut a hole in the ice for ice swimming. More of that later.

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