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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How to Kill a Blog?

Stop posting for a while and watch the readership dip...

Did I tell you all that the day before going to MIST@NAM last week my work computer decided enough was enough? All the capacitors on the motherboard gave up the ghost which for some reason meant that the fan would sometimes go into overdrive and at other times would not come on. Both times the computer would seize.

Brilliant timing of course. Anyway I now have a new machine but am having to set it up (adobe, ghostview, idl, matlab, cygwin, SSH, Xwindows, etc) and get used to Vista. So far so good, even managed to get my mail back and transfer my old hard drive into the machine with minimal problems. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, still want to write about NAM and the STFC show. Of course now Gordon has replied to all of us who signed the petition. I say Gordon, I'd bet real money STFC was involved in drafting it.

More soon, I hope.

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