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Monday, April 21, 2008

So I'm looking...

...out of my window of my temporary office and marvelling that this whole observatory is within a forest. I don't mean that they made a big clearing and built the observatory, rather the observatory is actually within the forest, trees throughout partially concealing the different buildings on the site. It's very beautiful.

At the moment there is snow everywhere and it has been sunny and hot (in the sun). I notice that it has now clouded over for the first time., I am not sure whether this heralds snow or rain. Anyway I am up here for 4 weeks working on exciting collaborations and pumping out the papers, all paid for by the EU on the LAPBIAT programme. We have just had a productive meeting discussing our science ideas and who needs to talk to whom to do what. All good stuff and lots of potential.

It seems that I have picked an interesting time of year to come. Sadly it is unlikely that I will see much aurora as the background sky is too bright. It will need to be very intense emission and happen soon as the sky is only getting lighter at this time of year. However, it is likely that I will see most of the snow disappear during my time here with the rapid onset of spring. Unfortunately I might also catch the start of the mosquito season...

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