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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Laugh out loud MondayTuesday

The comment section over at Andy Lawrence's e-astronomer blog can be a mixed bag of entertainment and annoyance (just like most blogs where people comment). However, today I discovered a little gem courtesy of 'Chas'.

Sadly I was too late to view it first hand but the idea of it just made me laugh.

So I offer it for you to enjoy:

Comment 1:

Chas Says:

Here is biography of Richard Wade on the STFC website:

Try clicking on his photo. Is this a plea for help?

Comment 2:

Chas Says:

Someone at STFC is clearly monitoring this blog far too closely!

Clicking on Richard’s photo previously went to an image that read “Replace Me”:

Within minutes of posting the last item the link was changed…

Too funny.

As an aside, I know that I occasionally have bods from STFC wandering over to my site. No idea who they are but they must have been somewhat disappointed with the content recently.


Friend of Chas said...

Hi Kav

Try a google search for: stfc richard wade

The page in question appears as the top link. Google's cached page then reveals the original version it all it's glory (at least for now, until the google bots catch up...)

Kav said...

God bless Google cache.

Many thanks friend of Chas

Andy Lawrence or similar said...

Gosh that worked. Whats more, the top box gives you a URL for the cached page. So anybody with more time than taste could bookmark it, and indeed could even save a local copy. Luckily I have more important things to do, like watching South Park on DVD.