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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The wait is almost over...

[UPDATE 2: 01;30 13/06/2008

And is if by magic... the shopkeeper appeared]

[UPDATE: Still Waiting - 12:45 13/06/2008

Apparantly my source sucked.

Well, that's not fair, rather, the source of my source sucked and that is a bit worrying considering who that was. So much for 'best authority'.

I wonder if said documents are already on the STFC server but with no links yet. We could all have a game of "guess the exact URL"; it does occur to me that for all their failings in so many aspects, STFC manage to do security and secrecy really well. Considering the track record of other government agencies on that score, perhaps they should give themselves a pat on the back.]

Following the announcement that STFC would make public the reports from the ad hoc panels regarding the consultation to the programmatic review things have been somewhat quiet.

Initial rumours were that they would be released after they were presented to PPAN/PALS. However they failed to materialise and we then heard that the release was delayed until "factual errors" had been corrected. They would still be released before the 1 July Council meeting.

It is not clear what these factual errors were but it would seem they have now been corrected.

I now have it on the best authority that the panel reports will be published on the STFC website tomorrow morning, along with the PPAN/PALS responses to the reports.

Releasing early can only be good. By providing the community with the same material that Council and Science Board are given we can judge their final programme decisions with confidence that we had all the information.

Keeping anything totally secret at this stage would be monumentally stupid.

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