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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Letter from DIUS

I received a letter from DIUS today in response to a letter I sent back in January I think.

Whatever else it did, it mostly put me in a wee bad mood. Not because it wasn't polite, not because it didn't address the issues in my letter (though it didn't really do that).

No it put me in a bad mood because before getting to the meat of the issue it 'brought to my attention' some things that I 'might not have been aware of'.

Can you guess what they were? I'll give you a clue, it involved the figure 13.6%.

I know that the government feels the need to push its 'accomplishments' (scare quotes included deliberately) but do they really think that there is anyone interested in the physics funding issue who is not familiar with their talking points by now?

In addition, do they think we don't understand how those number truly translate into real terms?

Are they morons or do they think we are?

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