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Friday, October 31, 2008

IoP meeting

So did anyone go to the IoP meeting about the Wakeham review?

I was interested but was unfortunately too busy to make the journey, plus with Em being at 36 weeks gone I am getting reluctant to go galavanting off down half the country.

I did try to view the presentation on-line but one needed to log in to view it - something I had not seen mentioned anywhere. I assumed that this would be an IoP log-in and since I am not a member (long and dull story involving Ade, a belt and my enduring laziness) I asked Em to have a look. She had no success and by then it wasn't worth getting in touch to find out what I needed to do to view it.

I did find that if I kept hitting refresh I could see the slides, but that only gave half a show. Plus I was more interested in what was said in the discussion session.

So anything interesting happen?

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