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Saturday, November 01, 2008

STFC being strategic

The long awaited consultation on STFC's strategy is due in early December (h/t Paul). In the meantime they have issued their strategic framework which sets out:

where we are now, our vision and the principles under which we operate. This Framework has been distributed and discussed with our staff, and we are publishing it for the information of all stakeholder groups.

I have had a quick glance at the framework and noticed a few errors and so in the spirit of cooperation I have edited the first part of their introduction for them a little:

STFC has been in existence for 18 months, during which time it has successfully struggled to merged the two previous Councils,just about won wide grudging tolerance from stakeholders endorsement of a detailed Programmatic Review despite tough and often impenetrable funding decisions and significant initial ongoing and highly justified external criticism and internal discontent, and delivered through its staff and funded researchers an excellent and often world class science and technology programme, that could have been much better if we had worked with our community properly.

There you go, no need to thank me. It was my pleasure.

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